Bank transfers at online casinos

For players who prefer to steer clear of credit cards or web wallet services, the option to deposit funds directly to your casino account using your bank may be the right choice for you. There are some things to consider before funding your pokies account using a bank transfer, so read on to ensure you have all the relevant info before diving in to make an EFT deposit.


Pros and cons of using bank transfers for online casino deposits

The main thing to be mindful of is the biggest con of choosing direct bank deposits: the delayed processing time. Unlike other deposit methods like credit cards, debit cards, web wallets and e-vouchers which are available to use instantly, bank transfers can have lengthy waiting periods of up to a few days. The processing times vary between venues and will depend partly on your financial institution, but to give you an example of how long you may need to wait, here are the bank transfer processing times at some of our top-rated online casinos:

Another downside of using bank transfers is if you’re making a wire transfer there may be some associated costs. Wire transfers can cost upwards of $20 depending on the currency you’re using and the amount of money you’re transferring.

Despite these undesirable drawbacks, the biggest advantage of choosing a direct bank transfer is you’re entirely supported by the unrivalled security systems used by your trusted financial institution. Major banks have every possible security measure in place to ensure complete protection of customers, so choosing to make a bank transfer will certainly provide peace of mind in knowing your financial details are protected at all times.

Of course it’s also worth noting that all of our recommended casinos are protected by the highest level of digital SSL security encryption akin to that used by online banks, so whether you choose to use a direct bank transfer or other payment option like a credit card your personal details will always be secure.

How do direct bank transfers work?

To make a direct bank deposit, sign into your casino account and select ‘direct bank transfer’ within the cashier section. You’ll be asked which country you wish to make the deposit from and once you make your selection, you’ll be given the relevant banking details needed to make your transfer including the casino BSB, account number, bank address, institution number and SWIFT code.

Armed with these details, you then have the choice of how you want to make your transfer. You can either log into your online banking system to make the payment just like you would when paying any other bill online, by calling your phone banking and following the prompts to make the transfer, or by bringing the casino banking details into a physical bank location to have a cashier process the transaction for you. Once you’ve made the transfer you’ll need to wait the designated amount of time before the payment is processed and funds hit your casino account.

Alternative bank transfer options

If you’re adamant on using your bank account to fund your pokies play but are put off by the long processing times, you may want to consider a trusted web wallet like Skrill or Neteller. These online payment systems allow you to transfers funds direct from your bank account but with the help of a middle man.

If neither direct bank transfers nor web wallets sound right for you, check out the detailed information on our site about alternative payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Flexepin and Paysafecard.

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