Aristocrat pokies games

Aristocrat Leisure is an Australian online pokies company that firstly became known for its retail slots, which are situated all around the world. Based out of Sydney, Aristocrat has branched out into the online pokies world and is now considered one of the biggest regulated slots providers in the world. The top Aristocrat slots sites in 2024 are in the table below, but it’s important to note Aristocrat Leisure’s real money online games are not available at Australian casinos because of local laws.

Aristocrat Leisure overview

Ever since the birth of the Internet age, online games have become more and more popular. One facet within the pantheon of online games that continues to grow and become a huge industry is that of online gambling.

There are hundreds of games available to play through the internet, from blackjack to poker to keno to bingo. One of the most popular online games revolving around gambling is what we Aussies refer to as pokies, otherwise known as digital or online slot machines. There are many different versions of pokies created by dozens and dozens of different companies. They all have different themes and play structures, reel counts and bonus rewards systems, payout rates and jackpot levels.

When you think of pokies, you can literally picture a slot machine because there really isn’t much difference between them and an actual one armed bandit. The main difference would have to be that in an actual slot machine, there will usually be a lever that you can pull, whereas with a digital version of the game, you simply have to press a button to indicate that want to make a play.

Another major difference between actual slot machines and digital pokies is that actual slot machines have a different sort of probability. To explain, an actual slot machine has a different sort of probability because it has physical discs that spin at different speeds and then each stop at a different time to create a symbol sequence. In a digital pokie, the same sort of movement is simulated through a computer program.

Now, with the simulated program on a digital pokie, it is meant to look just like a physical slot machine. For instance, a slot machine has spinning discs known as reels that all rotate vertically side by side. The most common amount these days is five, but there are versions that have three and four as well, and back when the slot machine was first invented, it only had three reels. Online pokies emulate this system and operate in the same manner. So when you press the button to make a play on a pokie, it will look just like a real, physical slot machine.

One of the foremost companies that manufacture and design pokies today is Australia’s very own Aristocrat Leisure. Aristocrat pokies games boast some of the best payouts and most creative game themes in the industry. One of their most popular pokies is known as Queen of the Nile, and it is no stretch to say that among Australian gamblers, it is a definite favourite.

Queen of the Nile was born in the late 1990s and has been growing in popularity ever since. In fact, one might place it on the level of a classic digital slot machine, although when it first came about, it was called Golden Pyramids, and it only had nine pay-lines. But it has since evolved into its current name with versions that include nine, 15, and even 20 pay-lines.

Queen of the Nile is a five-reel pokie, meaning that symbol matching sequence contains five vertically rotating discs that are side by side. It is a pretty common supposition that the five reel and 20 payline version of the game is the most popular, and that’s mainly because it has the most options when it comes to bonus features, payouts and jackpots.

The Queen of the Nile pokie has, as you might expect, an Egyptian themes graphic set, and its average payout is nearly 95%, making it one of the most enticing little pokies in all of the land down under. Included within the graphic theme are sand, hieroglyphics and pyramids, and it also features flashing animations that pop out when the player hits a winning combo.

When playing Queen of the Nile, it is possible to raise or lower the bet amount each time the player wants to make a bet. This means that for each “pull of the lever,” the bet amount can change, which is an attractive feature if, for example, the player finds him or herself winning a lot and wants to raise the stakes, or finds him or herself on a bit of a losing streak and wants to lower the bet amount a little bit.

Also featured within this particular version is an option to raise or lower the amount of lines that the player wants to play, and the bet amount can be as low as a penny. Within the symbol structure of the game, the Cleopatra symbol is considered the wild symbol, and if a player makes a play and that symbol comes up on a winning pay-line, then that payout is doubled. As you can imagine, this makes for some pretty hefty jackpots. When the player plays with the maximum amount of pay-lines, which is 20, then the potential to get many wins and bigger payouts is raised significantly.

There is also a substantial amount of bonus fun in Queen of the Nile. Its bonus feature means even bigger money for the player should he or she land it. When the player hits three scattered pyramids, then the bonus feature is triggered, and that basically results in 15 free spins for him or her. It is during these free spins that if the player wins at any time, then the payout is tripled. And here’s another awesome part, if the bonus happens on a win during one of the free spins and is combined with a Cleopatra symbol, then then payout becomes six times the normal size. That’s a boatload of a payout.

Because Aristocrat has been in the pokie industry for so long, there are many digital slots that copy this format, but the general consensus is that Queen of the Nile is ultimately one of the best pokies out there, and if there are any complaints about the game, they are usually of the sort that complain about the repetitive music. But this is very easily fixed by simply turning off the music function of the game.