All Aces

All Aces video poker is a supercharged version of Jacks or Better, with bigger payouts on four of a kinds and lesser returns for most other hands. The online All Aces games at our recommended video poker sites boast an extremely low house edge, making this format an excellent choice for Australian real money gamblers.

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Best All Aces video poker casinos

Each of Pokies Game Australia’s top-ranked Internet casinos (listed above) carries a wide array of leading video poker titles by Microgaming – the global trend-setters in gambling software development.

Our number one All Aces site for Australian video poker players is Royal Vegas Casino, which boasts more than 500 virtual casino games, real cash mobile gambling for iOS and Android devices, live dealer games, and a host of bonuses and promotions for Aussie gamblers. Register now at Royal Vegas and get up to AUD $1200 free money on your first three deposits.

All Aces payouts & how to play

All Aces operates like any other form of online video poker. After we choose how much to bet, we receive five cards and must decide which to keep and which to discard. The cards we throw out are then replaced with new ones, thus making our final hand. If we have drawn a winning combination, we are then remunerated according to the payout chart (which should be clearly displayed on the screen).

While All Aces is a variant of the ubiquitous Jacks or Better poker style, it bears the most resemblance to Bonus Poker and its various offshoots. Both All Aces and Bonus Poker offer greater rewards for hitting a four of a kind, with four Aces earning the largest payout. However, All Aces offers a much bigger bonus on these hands, as shown in the table below.

Four of a kind value All Aces payout Bonus Poker payout Jacks or Better payout
Aces 400 80 25
Deuces, Threes, Fours 100 40 25
Fives through Kings 50 25 25


There is another significant deviation from the norm on the All Aces pay scale. In Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker, a straight flush pays 50 for 1; but in All Aces, it pays 60 for 1. This, combined with the increased returns for the various four of a kinds, largely mitigates the fact that full house, flush, three of a kind, straight, and two pair all pay less than in 9/6 Jacks or Better.

Below is the complete pay chart for the Microgaming All Aces game found at our top real money video poker sites.

Microgaming All Aces Video Poker at Royal Vegas Casino

House edge comparison

The house edge for online All Aces is among the lowest of any Internet-based video poker games around. In Microgaming’s version, the casino’s statistical advantage only stands at 0.08 per cent. That means in the long run we can expect to make a profit around 99.92 per cent of the time, which is an extremely high theoretical return for any form of real cash Internet gambling. Online blackjack games using Vegas Strip and Atlantic City rules are renowned for relatively favourable odds, but even they boast a house edge of 0.35 per cent or higher.

See how the casino edge in All Aces compares to other single-hand Microgaming video poker titles:

Game House edge Theoretical return
All Aces 0.08% 99.92%
Jacks or Better 0.46% 99.54%
All American 0.62% 99.38%
Aces & Faces 0.76% 99.26%
Bonus Poker 0.83% 99.17%
Tens or Better 0.86% 99.14%
Double Bonus Poker 0.89% 99.11%
Deuces & Joker 0.93% 99.07%
Double Double Bonus 1.02% 98.98%
Joker Poker 1.40% 98.60%
Double Joker Poker 1.90% 98.10%
Deuces Wild 3.24% 96.76%


The numbers don’t lie: All Aces is clearly the most player-friendly form of AUD video poker online. So why not give it a whirl at one of our recommended Australian casinos? Click the links in the table above to sign up and claim bonus cash and free bets aplenty.

All Aces poker strategy guide

The increased payouts on four of a kinds and the straight flush means All Aces requires a more extensive strategic plan than online Jacks or Better video poker. The chart below lists all the possible plays when dealt your initial hand. Simply choose the highest ranked option available and throw out the remaining cards.

For example: say we pull a hand consisting of Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Spades, King of Spades, Queen of Spades, and Jack of Spades. Using correct strategy, we would discard the Ace of Diamonds and play for the royal flush – even though we already have a paying hand, with a shot at three of a kind or four of a kind in Aces.

  1. Royal flush, four of a kind, straight flush
  2. Four cards to a royal flush
  3. Three of a kind in Aces through Fours
  4. Full house
  5. Three of a kind in Fives through Kings
  6. Flush, straight
  7. Four cards to a straight flush (no gaps)
  8. Pair of Aces
  9. Any other four cards to a straight flush
  10. Two pair
  11. Suited 10 J Q or J Q K
  12. Pair of Jacks, Queens or Kings
  13. Any other three cards to a royal flush
  14. Four cards to a flush
  15. Pair of Deuces, Threes or Fours
  16. Unsuited 8 9 10 J, 9 10 J Q or 10 J Q K
  17. Pair of Fives through 10s
  18. Four cards to a straight (no gaps)
  19. Three cards to a straight flush (no gap, or one gap + one high card)
  20. Three cards to a straight flush (two high cards)
  21. Two suited high cards
  22. Four cards to a straight (three high cards)
  23. Ace
  24. Unsuited J Q K
  25. Three cards to a straight flush (one gap, or two gaps + one high card)
  26. Four cards to a straight (two high cards)
  27. Unsuited K Q, K J or Q J
  28. Suited Q J or J 10
  29. Jack, Queen or King
  30. Any other three cards to a straight flush
  31. Any other four cards to a straight
  32. Discard all

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