Pokies cheats

When it comes to the pokies, people all over the world have tried to employ pokies cheats as a way to manipulate the system to trigger those life changing wins. Don’t fall for the scams – pokie machines work using sophisticated software, producing random results that can’t be pre-determined or influenced in any way. We explain why it’s impossible to cheat on the pokies, and take a look at the ridiculous and unlawful ways people have tried to beat the pokies.

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I once read an article titled ‘Beating the Pokies With Pokies Systems’ and the first paragraph looked totally suspect. It said something along the lines of:

“Want to win on the pokies? For just $19.95 we can give you a system that guarantees you will win every time you play the pokies online or offline. In fact the system is so fool-proof that everyone who buys it will become billionaires if they play long enough! Of course as the inventors of this system we have decided that we have already made way too much money playing pokies and have decided to share the system with anyone who is willing to part with $19.95.”

Does this sound too good to be true? Absolutely!

Their farcical intro to the article is their way of saying that there are programs available which offer systems and methods of cheating on digital pokies for a nominal fee. Don’t be fooled into wasting your money on such a promise. The pokies are close to impossible to cheat on, relying completely on luck to trigger the big wins.

How pokies work and why they can’t be cheated

The main point we want you to remember is there is nothing a player can do to increase his or her chances of winning on the pokies. It’s all a matter of right place at the right time, or quite simply, luck being on your side.

If there was a legitimate way to beat the pokies consistently, it stands to reason that:

  1. the person who knew how to beat the system wouldn’t put that information for sale online and risk getting arrested; and furthermore
  2. that person would most likely want to keep that information to themselves.

So we must ask ourselves why it is that there is no legitimate method to beat these machines?

The first reason is that pokies are games that employ negative expectation. This basically means pokies have a payout rate of less than a hundred percent. You can see this for yourself when a game lists its RTP (return to player) which typically sits between the 90% and 95% mark. Another reason is these machines are based on a program that produces results that are random, also known as RNG (random number generation).

So really, there is no way for the gambler to produce any sort of effect on these two facets of the machines.In other words, there isn’t a method by which the player can predict what will happen on their next spin, and there is absolutely nothing a player can do to change the payout percentage of a game.

Poker cheats try hard, but…

This is not to say that people haven’t tried, and there is evidence to suggest that ever since digital pokies have been invented people have searched for ways of manipulating the stakes to their favour. It should be noted that any attempt to emulate these techniques could land a player in jail if he or she tries.

One method that people have tried is to shine a light into the chute that accepts the coins. The theory here is that somehow the light introduced into the chute would interrupt the device that counts the coins and pay the player all of the coins in the machine.

Another method used by players has been to use some sort of physical device like a coat-hanger in order to achieve the same effect in the coin slot as the light. Aside from that, the methods get a little more high-tech and involved, and one documented approach involves the employees of the pokies manufacturers introducing a code in the program of the machines that, when employed, would pay the player all of its money or just cause the machine to dial up the top winning combination of symbols.

You might have seen this last example in movies such as Oceans 13, when one of the members of the Ocean crew programs a digital slot machine to pay out its maximum jackpot when a certain sequence of coins is introduced in the coin slot in predetermined intervals of time. While this method may not be impossible to achieve, it is illegal all the same, and would land the perpetrator with considerable punishments that would no doubt include hard jail time.

The bottom line is that when it comes to trying to cheat pokies, attempts you may have heard about working range from the fictitious to the ridiculously difficult to pull off. In fact, if you are going to play pokies, it’s best to go into it with the attitude that you just want to have a little fun, you are only playing with what you can afford to lose, and if you do win, that’s all the better.

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