Rabbit in the Hat slot review

The concept of “pulling a rabbit out a hat” is a term used to describe any particularly magical achievement, so it makes complete sense that Microgaming would use a magician theme for an online pokies games. Released at the start of April 2015, this dazzling slots game is sure to become a classic. One spin of those reels and the screen comes to life with all the excitement of a magic stage show, keeping you hanging on for that truly magical win.

United States Best AUD casinos to play Rabbit in the Hat

Best AUD casinos to play Rabbit in the Hat

Play Rabbit in the Hat pokies online for free or real AUD money

Rabbit in the Hat is brand new to the market and can be found at leading Microgaming venues, like those recommended in our casino table above. We recommend that Aussie players take this game for a spin at these highly reputable sites, each which offers secure real money deposits in Australian currency.

Rabbit in the Hat gameplay format

Play Rabbit in the Hat online pokiesRabbit in the Hat is played over nine lines and carries a tantalizing jackpot of 450,000 credits. There is a good range of betting options to choose from, with the minimum bet set at only nine cents and the maximum bet per spin at $90, making this game suited to high rollers as well as those with smaller bank rolls. Players have the option of betting up to ten credits per line.

The colourful reels are adorned with magician related symbols, including mysterious chain sealed trunks, card tricks, a sword throw, the magician’s sexy assistant and of course, the highly sought after rabbit himself.

The wild symbol is the top-hat symbol and substitutes all symbols across the reels. The appearance of five wild symbols across any of the nine pay lines triggers the highest possible line win, which is 50,000 credits when placing the maximum wager.

Bonuses in Rabbit in the Hat pokies

The first thing you’ll notice when this game uploads is the introduction of the fact that “this game features magic hats!” Believe us, this is a feature that’s worth advertising because it is ass-kickingly fantastic. The magic hats feature is used to trigger all the bonus features within Rabbit in the Hat.

Rabbit in the Hat special features and bonusesThe animated magician standing on the right hand side of the reels has the power to make a magic hat appear at random on the top of the reels with the wave of his magic wand.

The magic hat bounces along to the next reel to the left after each spin. If the reel on which the magic hat is currently situated contains a wild symbol in any position, a bonus is activated.

If the hat moves along without the appearance of a wild it will eventually bounce off the screen and you’ll have to wait for the next magical wave of the wand before another one appears. More than one magic hat can appear at any time, bringing the potential for several reels to strike bonus features.

The bonus features instigated by the magic hat features are:

  • Cash – Reveals an instant cash prize of varying value and can be hugely lucrative
  • Free Spins – triggers ten free spins, with the free spins feature able to be re-activated
  • Wild Reel – morphs up to three reels into wild symbols, bringing potential for more bonuses
  • Mystery – will award any one of these features as a surprise

The magic hat feature is essentially what gives Rabbit in the Hat its alluring edge, believe us, you’ll understand when you experience it for yourself.

Why we love Rabbit in the Hat online pokies

Firstly, a magician themed pokies game is so on point for a casino that it’s now hard to imagine why Microgaming hadn’t come up with this idea earlier. This tantalizing theme presents all the right ingredients for a full blown online slot classic and from the moment the intro loaded up, we knew we were going to love this game.

Rabbit in the Hat cash prizesSecondly, and most importantly, the magic hat bonus feature is so ridiculously incredible it’s hard to compare it to any other special features from recently released games. During our testing it didn’t take long for us to trigger this bonus coupled with free spins, and the onslaught of awesomeness that ensued was epic beyond words. Reels were lighting up left right and centre, the winnings were sky rocketing and more and more bonuses were continuously activated.

Waiting to see what random cash prize is hiding within the cash hat is such a sheer pleasure. It was the ideal level of excitement, suspense and pure happiness that one always hopes to unlock when playing the pokies.

The fact that the game looks incredible is an added bonus, and while the level of animation might not be as impressive as comparative releases, the graphics, colours and sound effects together create a vibrant, fun game that can be enjoyed by all tastes. And who doesn’t love a little bit of magic?

Head to one of our recommended Microgaming casinos like Jackpot City Casino or Royal Vegas Casino to give Rabbit in the Hat a go and see if you can make the magic happen.