Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

When playing the pokies online, it’s imperative you choose a reputable and legitimate venue licensed by a respected online gambling jurisdiction. The Isle of Man provides first-rate certification for eGambling – we explain more about the trustworthy Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and how it serves to protect players.

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What does the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission do?

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision CommissionEstablished in 1962, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is an independent statutory board responsible for overseeing the licensing and regulation of both land based and online gambling entities.

The Commission consists of a chairman and four members. On land, the Commission is responsible for the regulation of electronic pokie machines, casino operations, amusement games, lotteries and betting offices, and in recent years has adapted to fit the growing demands of the online gambling market. With trusted, well established practices and an attractive taxation system, the Isle of Man has established itself as a world-class gambling jurisdiction favoured by many online vendors.

The Gambling Supervision Commission exists to protect players and ensure all certified operators are following responsible practices which operate within the regulations of the legislation. The core mission of the Commission is to:

  • keep the gambling industry free from crime.
  • to protect the young and those at risk.
  • to ensure the services offered by licence holders are fair and that players receive their true winnings.

The Commission operates within the laws of multiple legislations, including the Gambling (Amendment) Act 1984, Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001, Gambling Supervision Act 2010, Casino Act 1986 and Gambling, Betting and Lotteries Act 2001.

Should I trust Isle of Man certified casinos?

For an online casino to receive a license from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, it must undergo a strict screening process and adhere to all the regulations specified within the relevant legislation. If a casino is approved by the Commission, it means it’s passed these tests as set within the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001:

  • The company is under the control of a person or persons of integrity.
  • The activities of the company are under the management of a person or persons of integrity and competence.
  • The company has adequate financial means available to conduct online gambling of the descriptions in question.

These practices, amongst many more within the regulatory framework, ensure any casino licensed by the Isle of Man is safe and trustworthy. For Australians, our laws specify we can only play at an online casino if it’s licensed by an offshore jurisdiction, so Isle of Man certified venues make a great choice.

More about the Isle of Man

The fear of the unknown can be a big deterrent for some when questioning whether to trust an online gambling jurisdiction. To make it easier for you to trust a casino licensed by the Isle of Man, we thought it might help if you knew more about this fascinating area.

Isle of Man gamblingThe Isle of Man (often referred to simply as “Mann”) is located in the middle of the Irish Sea, an equal distance between the coastlines of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The island is 52 kilometres long, 22 kilometres wide, with a mass land area of around 572 square kilometres.

In 2011, the census recorded a population of 84,497 people. Although the Isle of Man forms part of the Crown dependency and is a self-governing region, the United Kingdom is responsible for its external and defence affairs, overseeing the legislature of the island. Isle of Man citizenship is also governed by British law, but it does not form part of the European Union or the Commonwealth.

The Isle of Man is known for its rugged coastlines, natural beauty and bio-diversity. In 2016, it became the first country to be accepted into UNESCO’s Network of Biosphere Reserve program, which recognises the island exists alongside a plethora of diverse natural habitats. The country is also filled with interesting historical sites, a heritage railway and is rich in myth and folklore.

A huge drawcard for lovers of the great outdoors, the Isle of Man is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, horseback riding, fishing, paragliding and golfing. Its close distance from the UK makes the Isle of Man a hot spot for short breaks and weekend getaways.

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