All Slots Casino hosts $100,000 Halloween sweepstakes

All Slots Casino are in the Halloween spirit and are celebrating the holiday by offering players a share of a $100,000 treat this month – no, this isn’t a trick.

All you have to do is follow our links to All Slots casino and head to their Halloween promotional page, enter your username, and accumulate 50 loyalty points to earn a ticket into the $100,000 sweepstakes.

The more loyalty points you earn the more tickets you win into the draw, thus giving you more chances to win cash prizes. Additionally, the more days you play the more tickets you can earn, as follows:

  • Earn 2x the tickets for playing for three days of the promotional week
  • Earn 3x the tickets for playing for five days of the promotional week
  • Earn 5x the tickets for playing the full seven days of the promotional week (this option starts from October 11)

It is important to note these extra tickets are based on the amount of loyalty points earned, for example you need to earn at least 150 loyalty points over three days to receive 2x the tickets, which is six tickets rather than the standard three.

There are four promotional periods too, giving you the chance to win a share of $25,000 four times.

  1. From October 6 at 07:00 GMT until October 10 at 23:59 GMT
  2. From October 11 at 07:00 GMT until October 17 at 23:59 GMT
  3. From October 18 at 00:01 GMT until October 24 at 23:59 GMT
  4. From October 25 at 00:01 GMT until October 31 at 23:59 GMT

If you aren’t operating on GMT time you can simply check the countdown clock available on the promotional page.

Prizes for All Slots Halloween Sweepstakes

Each week the following prizes are drawn:

  • Five players will win 1000 credits each
  • 10 players will win 500 credits each
  • 25 players will win 100 credits each
  • 50 players will win 50 credits each
  • 100 players will win 25 credits each
  • 250 players will win 10 credits each
  • 1000 players will win 5 credits each

Prizes will be drawn on;

  1. October 11
  2. October 18
  3. October 25
  4. November 1

How to earn loyalty points at All Slots Casino

If you are a new player and don’t know how to earn the loyalty points required to earn a ticket into any of the the above draws, you’ll be happy to know it is as simple as registering an account and playing any of the titles at All Slots casino.

The amount you are required to play through per loyalty point is dependant on the game, as follows:

  • Wager $10 on Slots, American Roulette, and/or Parlor Games to earn one point
  • Wager $20 on Table Poker games (except for Gold Series Table Poker games), Casino War and/or Sicbo to earn one point
  • Wager $100 on Video Poker games, Gold Series Table Poker games, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack (except for Classic Blackjack), and/or Roulette (except for American Roulette) to earn one point
  • Wager $500 on Classic Blackjack, and/or All Aces Video/Power Poker to earn one point

Therefore, you can play any game you wish at All Slots casino provided you play the right amount of money to earn your loyalty points.

To see how you are going in terms of how many entries you have in the draw, simply check the leaderboard each week at available on the Halloween promotional page.